The Devastating Price of Greed

Lately I’ve been in situations where greed had an overwhelming presence. There are those in my life that would’ve been in line for a great inheritance, but instead will wind up with nothing because they were overtaken by greed and fear. The prospective heirs didn’t know the plan but made decisions and acted according to the way things appeared.

If they chose to live a life of generosity, love, kindness, and looking out for others best interest, they would have been given exactly what their hearts were desiring. I can’t help but see our Father looking at each of His children and saying “You don’t realize the treasure you’re forfeiting, because you’re living life by your own selfish ways.”

What would you give or do to walk into the fullness of all the immeasurable treasures that await those who will fully turn their hearts and lives toward God? He desires to pour the riches of His presence and His Spirit into us. Don’t give Him any competition. Instead, give Him your full attention by forsaking your own desires to follow Him. Then you’ll know the treasure of His presence.