There’s Still Hope for the USA

We live in the most prosperous country in the world with the most freedom in the world. And as I look around and notice all of the amazing opportunity, beauty and choices that we have in this country, I can’t help but remember what this country was founded on. Although Christianity may not be the foundation per se, people who were very desperate for the opportunity to worship and love and honor the one true God of the universe were the backbone of our nation. Jewish, Catholics, Native Americans and others who loved God began tilling the ground in the United States of America.

Even those of us that live here in this country today that want to argue the points that we do not have to love Jesus to have a good life, do not fully understand the mantle of protection and goodness given by God, and the foundations that were laid for them hundreds of years ago. I’m saddened by people who are so short sighted and don’t remember where we came from or have the vision to see where we’re headed. I understand that we have something really wonderful, really good and well worth protecting here in this land that we have called the United States of America.

This silly small-minded fight for little individual rights that we each think we’re entitled to, cannot compare to the matchless greatness and prosperity that comes to those who will live a life that honors God and his son Jesus. I’m excited to see what a real desperation and hunger for the living God can do to transform an entire nation. Evil will never prevail through a life that’s self-serving and striving for other things. Jesus already won. The enemy has been defeated. I will side with Him and always I’m grateful to be intimately acquainted with Jesus.