Are you expecting God’s provision in your life?

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If you’re alive and breathing you can’t help but look around, turn on the news, look at Facebook, Twitter Instagram any media resource and notice all of the enemies that are in our midst right now. You don’t necessarily have to be spiritual believe in God or know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior for it to be obvious that evil is trying to move in.

For many years we as believers have only been told about the gloom and doom side of this battle. We only get to be the little kittens about to be eaten up by the big bad Wolf. This is not at all who God has created us to be, much less who he will be to us, in the midst of the battle.

In Exodus the Lord gives us a fantastic picture of exactly how He prepared the Israelites for their deliverance with very specific instructions. Yahweh did not do it for them, He did not simply say abracadabra poof, I’ll deliver you out of here, but he gave them the tools and instructions… and because of their hearts toward Him, they responded accordingly.

Wow! How amazingly they witnessed & experienced the very salvation, protection, faithfulness & deliverance of The Lord! This can and should be us today. We should take the time each and every day to make sure that our hearts and our minds are turned toward Yahweh the one true God. May each of us that call ourselves children of the Most High, see and experience the protection, provision deliverance and salvation of our God. Yahweh is not distant, He sent his son Yeshua to be our connection to Him. Praying that you feel him in a new and real way today!