Don’t Miss Your Opportunity!

Image from the blog "Set Your Hearts Toward the Lord!"

After an amazing whirlwind of a week I’ve had time to think on how amazing it is to watch a group of people simply responding to God to the best of their understanding. As most of you know the Highways Ministries team went to the small community of Oglesby in central Texas. What I’d like to share with you is a little bit of the backstory and hope that it could encourage you to begin to see yourself and the importance of the season & location┬áthat you might be in.

Many times I think that we forget that where we are and who we are around is often divinely planned by God. Maybe we think that our physical location is because of a job or family circumstances, when really the Lord needs us there to begin to till the ground and prepare the soil for Him to do a mighty work in that location. Possibly our decisions will make life better for ourselves & for our family and maybe for friends. But to begin to see ourselves and our situations the way that God sees them can change everything about the motives that we have for doing the things that we do.

For us personally, we moved 750 miles because we found a place that we could worship and have our hearts and our minds changed by the presence of God, though that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been able to have an impact positively on our neighbors and our whole neighborhood community. Quite the opposite because we’ve had our hearts changed and our minds changed, our community has greatly benefited because we stepped out in faith, since we needed something different in our own lives. Our good friends of almost 20 years did this very thing in Oglesby, they moved there because of a job situation, then, made the decision that while they are there in this season, they would begin to truly love those kids and show a community how to love God and love each other a little bit more.

I believe that God sees willing people and hearts that are open to Him and he responds to our faith, our hunger and responds to & notices us. He does want to move among his people, breaking chains of bondage & addiction with healing, wholeness, love & life to the fullest! You & I get to be a part of His mighty plans right where you are, right this minute!! You are a huge part of the goodness of The Lord in someone else’s heart & life! Don’t miss your moment!