Restoration Power

Image from the blog "Set Your Hearts Toward the Lord!"

When I think of restoration I think of something of beauty and ease. Funny thing is, in order for something to be restored it had to have been amiss to begin with. The mystery & the process of God’s restoration in our lives, on the earth has been on the forefront of my mind for several months. You see my family and I have been in this process I believe since 2008 and it most definitely did not start out with beauty or ease!

Jesus is very clear that before His return and during His consistent process, of making all things new, whatever can be shaken will be shaken. Jesus is coming back for a bride spotless, pure and holy, set apart, only for Himself. So although this process of the Lord completely dismantling and even crushing so many of the faulty foundations that we had built our lives upon, has been far from easy or pretty.

I can say, for certain, the glimpses of the truest & most powerful Glory of God have outweighed any of the trials & pain we’ve endured. I’m praying that you will desire The Glory & very tangible Presence of The Lord in your life, more than you would want your own way out of the struggle.

Fight through, push through, struggle through, and keep your eyes fixed on the one who will keep you steady through the storm. You can & will become spotless, pure & presentable for your King!