Connecting with The Naomi House

Image from the blog "Connecting With The Naomi House"

Sometimes, we can be so focused on sending missionaries to the far corners of the earth that we forget about the needs right here in our own country. Hunger and hopelessness are the norm for far to many families, while still others can become easily desensitized by the hurt everywhere around them.


One ministry that is making a difference is the Naomi House. The Naomi House in northern Arizona is dedicated to proving a safe and loving home for Native American Children in need. Currently Native America children have one of the highest rates of abuse in our country, with 90% of the children coming to the Naomi house victims of child molestation.

Seeing the need, local Kansas City evangelist and businessman Alan Goke recently connected with the Naomi House and led a team down to repair several buildings that are used by the children. Alan also met with the community leaders, and provided spiritual encouragement through several church services.

Though we are diligent in helping others across the globe, it’s time that we begin to notice the needs right here in our own country, and start to take care of those who desperately need their physical and spiritual needs met. We as Christians, more than anyone else, need to be mindful of those less fortunate around us. We need our eyes and ears open so we can shine forth the love of Christ to a hurting and dying world.

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