Are You Being Generous?

Image from the blog "Are You Being Generous?"

Every year around this time, people suddenly start feeling generous. Call it sentiment or nostalgia,  as a culture we tend to give more freely and openly around the holidays. Countless non-profits and charities rely on this holiday generosity to fund their operations throughout the year. It just wouldn’t be the holidays with being a little generous, right?

While generosity is fabulous, we as Christians should be looking a little deeper. No, I’m not talking about donating food or working at a soup kitchen. Again, these are marvelous things but I want to go even deeper. Down to the core of the relationship, the one between you and God.

The question is: are you truly being generous? No, not tithing. Are you being generous with YOURSELF to God? After all, he desires us to have a deep, personal relationship with him. This means you are giving him attention, talking to him, relying on him, and giving him access to YOU. Once that relationship begins to deepen, God can come in an instant and set you ablaze for him.

If you want to make a lasting impact on this world, you need to make this kind of generosity part of your lifestyle. Seek and pursue God… desire a deep relationship with him. That is the only way we can truly #beTheChange.