Go Forth, Empowered And Enabled!

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Do you ever get the feeling that Christians are more interested in sitting around waiting for God to do something than actually going and doing something for God? Me too. Usually, it goes something like this:  “Someday revival will break out in our church…someday God will move and bring in the lost… someday God, if it be your will, someday. ”

Since when did the gospel become about complacency? That’s certainly not what Jesus’s life was like. The gospels are full of action…

Jesus went on a boat and calmed the waters.

Jesus healed the women with the issue of blood.

Jesus was moved with compassion…

Jesus didn’t sit around and idly wait for God’s will to ‘happen’. He was empowered by the Holy Spirit, and went forth to do the work His Father gave him. You might say “Well that was Jesus. Of course he was about his Father’s business… after all he is the Son of God and we aren’t.” Close, but not quite.

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Luke 10 is a great illustration of Jesus empowering and enabling his disciples; instructing them to go forth into Israel and announce that the Kingdom of God was here.  While it is true that Jesus was the Son of God, he was also a human… and the first-born of a new race of people, humans filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit. The entire book of Luke is about an empowered Jesus doing works through the Holy Spirit… and the book of Acts is about regular people doing the works Jesus did through the Holy Spirit.

God’s intention is that we continue the work he started… empowered and enabled. It’s time that we stop waiting around for someday, and start living the great commission today. Go! Do! And BE Fearless, while you do good things everywhere & in every circumstance…. Today!