Why You Should Be Praying For Freedom Fire

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Tucked on a small side street east of downtown Kansas City, Freedom Fire Urban Ministries is a big difference in the lives of the community.

Above all, Freedom Fire seeks to advance God’s Kingdom in the inner city through genuine, authentic relationships with Christ. Their goal through those relationships is to strengthen and raise up leadership to lead the inner city spiritually, economically and socially.

Freedom Fire does this through fostering relationships with children and teens in the local federal housing developments. By providing them a safe place to spend quality time with peers in the community, the leaders of Freedom Fire are able to teach biblical principles to the kids, as well as helping them in their day to day life.

Without prayerful support from people throughout the city, Freedom Fire would not be able to make an impact in the inner city. Please join with Highways in praying and supporting Freedom Fire’s mission to expand the Kingdom of God in our city.