Have you been beat up by Facebook?

Have you ever been in a rough & tough season of life? One of those seasons where you feel as though you’re riding a bull, bare back and are pretty certain you’re about to be bucked off….really hard, face first. Well I’ve been there several times and it ain’t fun at all. I apologize, for my verbiage, when I get passionate about things, my TX roots hang out. I want to expose and hopefully rid us of some undue bruising as we face these seasons head on.

First, let me say in no way do I myself have these steps completely perfect in my own life. My heart is to simplify and help us navigate through pain with as few scars as possible. I for one love social media, I love the ability to stay in touch with friends and family near and far, with that, I’ve been noticing that it at times is one of my biggest bullies during times of struggle.

The odd thing is it tends to be an immediate go-to when I’m in the struggle… weird huh? It seems when I’m hurting with/for my older children, it never fails that I see all the posts of the brand new, young, perfect Moms who are doing everything right. That loud voice begins yelling at and reminds me of everything I do and have done wrong. Or if my Husband and I are having trouble getting on the same page, all the articles and pictures of people in their perfect lives and marriages with perfect puppies begin yelling loudly at all the things I’m missing out on.

Like I said, I’m one of the first to appreciate the wonderful uses of social media. I just felt strongly today, to encourage myself and each of you. Instead of looking to social media and hearing that voice of condemnation, look to Jesus and run to his arms. Live in the present. Press into Jesus in new ways, talk to Him about the things your heart may be searching for on your news feed. God hears, knows, & cares….Facebook doesn’t. You’re not obligated to notifications. Don’t let yourself get bucked off, bloodied and bruised by the internet! What if we give ourselves, our brain cells and energy to The Lord and others more than to social media?? I believe we can change our worlds!