Finding Yourself In a Crazy World

I’ve bet you’ve seen this before on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and billboards – “Just be yourself.” In our American culture of individualism, nothing runs deeper than the need to be your own man, to make your own way, and to do it YOUR way. After all, that attitude is part of what built this country into the great powerhouse that it is, and we would be fools not to live our lives by that motto, right?

Let’s examine the facts.

I’m betting that every single one of you is constantly striving to better yourself and those around you, whether it’s by working to provide for your family, helping your mother set up holiday decorations, or even simply finding a way to survive every day with your loved ones. No matter where you are at, the drive to better yourself and your situation is a strong part of who we are. But if simply focusing on bettering yourself BY BEING yourself worked so well, I’m sure we wouldn’t have the anger, destruction, and fear that we have in this world. Focusing inward on us doesn’t work, and it will never work. We are flawed humans, and though we are striving for better days the battle cry of ‘Be Yourself’ inherently gives us permission to stay in the same, sin-ridden state. Instead of rallying around ‘Being Yourself’, we need to look at what God said we should do, and focus on LOSING yourself.

Jesus says in Matthew 10:39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” It may seem counterproductive on the surface, but this is the pattern that we as Christians need to focus on. By losing yourself and focusing on Jesus, His word begins to work inside of you, changing and molding you into His perfect image (instead of your own flawed image).

When you connect with God you immediately begin to experience change. That’s how His Kingdom works. Our faith is activated and our lives being to change when we believe His word and follow it. Period.

Maybe you looked at yourself in the mirror today and said ‘God, who is this person? What have I become?’ If that’s you, be real with Jesus and let Him know that you want to change. Even if you’ve followed Christ your entire life, let Him know there are things you need to work on. Pray with me as we focus on His word and begin to let Him work in your life…

Jesus, forgive us for straying from your Word and following our desires. We don’t want to be ourselves anymore, we want to be like you. We want to be a new creation, again! Teach me how to love like you love, act like you act, move like you move… remove those old habits from my life and cleanse me with your love. Starting today I want to walk closer with you. I no longer want to be me anymore, I want to be like you.


Amen, so be it!