A Biblical Response to Tragedy

If you pay any attention to the news or current events, you are well aware that this world is broken. Whether its murder and genocide or an increasingly polarizing political climate, things are spiraling downward. The darkness is getting darker, and many people are beginning to despair for a better tomorrow.

Is there a solution? Let me give you a piece of advice.

First of all, stop blaming God. God is not evil, and God does not want evil in this world. He is a good God that loves doing good and His desire is for His Kingdom, not the Kingdom of darkness, to take over the earth. So stop expecting evil to win. Stop it! God desires good for this world, and He is not planning on abandoning it to death and chaos. That wasn’t God’s pattern in the Bible, and it’s not His pattern now. Good is coming

So now what? Are we just waiting around for God to do something good, or stop the mass shootings? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t see many pillars of fire coming down from heaven lately and burning up evil. To the layman it would seem that God is absent from current events. Let me tell you that is NOT the case.

When Jesus died on the cross and was raised to life, He promised the disciples that He would send a helper to them, and that they would do greater things then He did. It was during the Feast of Pentecost when so many were in the upper room praying that God sent His Holy Spirit, and infilled everyone present with the SAME SPIRIT that raised Christ from the dead. We hear that a lot, but do we really understand what it means?

Stop, and really think about what that means. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, that same power that created the universe, is now dwelling in us. God no longer needs to send huge pillars of fire from heaven to enact change because that fire is already here, IN US.

If we would start walking in the world, aware of the power that God has placed in us, and acting in faith like Christ acted, we would begin to see change wherever we go. When you walk into a room, the atmosphere would change because you are bringing a different spirit with you then the spirit of the world – the Holy Spirit. If we would believe and truly let Jesus rule and reign over our hearts and mind, we would begin to see darkness retreat around us. Hope would begin to flood into every situation we walked into.

This week, make it a point to wake up every morning expecting to see the goodness of God working around you. There are hurting people God is putting in your life, that are waiting for you to speak life! Together, we can change the course of the world and bring God’s Kingdom to this earth!